Conflict between Norse and BX3 in the Nordic Championship Qualifier(Grand final)

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TLDR; zEVES proposes to administrators that we play without the client because the ESEA is down. We win the game. zEVES go back on his word and refuse to let us win because he believes Zyppe cheated. zEVES requires rematch on the client and admin takes zEVES side, this because of the rules that says we must use ESEAs anticheat although zEVES suggested that playing without anti cheat.

My name is Samuel “Zyppe” Martinsson, I have been playing CS since about 15 years, I have played in teams like H2K-Gaming, Begrip, Lemondogs, and playzone with players like SpawN, Fisker, vilden, pronax, Xizt, BARBARR, moddii, pita. This was in the Counter-Strike 1.6 era.
I have played around 2000 hours in CS:GO as well, where I represented BX3 (a Norwegian organization) and Iskold (Jumpy, BARBARR, moddii, REASTEN). I also engaged a company called “ZyppeCSGO” focusing on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Now to my problem, on Saturday, I played with my old teammates in BX3 (m1kkis, maak, hk0n and neto), we played a qualifier for the first season of “Nordic Championship” ( ). The winner of this qualifier will represent their country , where the final will be played at DreamHack Winter. We played the Norwegian qualifier who ESEA arranged. At first, we won our opening games and came to the winner bracket final against “Norse” (zEVES Becker cENTRYZ, cromen and ZTK). We lost the game. However, we won the Lower Bracket finals and we played the grand final against Norse and they had a 1-0 advantage.

This is where our first problems come in. The tournament itself in its part is delayed enormously, and just before we start playing ESEA had problems with their servers. After we waited about 1 hour, without anyone getting answers from the admin. zEVES from Norse took responsibility and decided to take matters into his own hands.

He writes to admin:
“[19:47:07] Morten Vollan: and we play at 20:00 again, Because this is not acceptable. eighter you find a solution to the problems or untill then we will play the game on our own server, I’ll send the server information + RCON to you (than another admin) and you can do what you want with it
[19:47:23] Morten Vollan: I’ll have to go 21:30 ”

We in BX3 “know” most guys from Norse and we had no problems with playing the game on their server, without anti cheat. I can’t imagine that any player who is ranked top15 in Norway is stupid enough to cheat when the punishments is clearly stated and the bad publicity leading to the players and their organizations.

Hk0n post ip message in ts: <20:18:36> “dsadas”: connect; password pracc

21:02 I begun recording my demo and knife round is decided. We win Mirage 16-9.

Directly after the game, we started a new veto before the second map, and we ended up playing Dust2. This is where Norse begins to send some “hints” to me and say that I cheated at Mirage, and I was never any good good at CS: GO and I should stick to blogging, and I may well agree with them about it.

Finally, we win Dust2 in overtime, 19-17 and I had about 70+ frags over two maps, which is not something I usually have. They asked for the demo, I sent it to them, they look at the demo and just say that I cheat because I have never been a super star CS: GO.

Here comes the biggest problem for us in BX3 who won a completely fair match. zEVES from Norse starts a conflict with us because we did not play with anti-cheat, even when it was his ultimatum and his idea that we were gonna play on their server without any anti-cheat. He makes a judgment that I am “cheating hard” although he can’t defend his words with any proof etc, but his argument is that I’ve never been good at CS: GO.

server details
server details

Cromen approves that the game is ON and it counts
Cromen approves that the game is ON and it counts

zEVES approves that it was okey to play without anticheat
zEVES approves that it was okey to play without anticheat

zEVES says that Zyppe is cheating
zEVES says that Zyppe is cheating

zEVES says that Zyppe is cheating
zEVES says that Zyppe is cheating

zEVES says that Zyppe is cheating
zEVES says that Zyppe is cheating

zEVES says that Zyppe is cheating
zEVES says that Zyppe is cheating

Norse player "ztk" says that he thinks it is unfair that the game should be played again and that he wont play the game
Norse player “ztk” says that he thinks it is unfair that the game should be played again and that he wont play the game

ippw to server TIME  "dsadas": connect; password pracc”
ippw to server TIME <20:18:36> “dsadas”: connect; password pracc”

my-demo-starts-record 21:02
my-demo-starts-record 21:02

Conversation with neto and the ESEA admin:
[11/05/2016 20:05:21] Henrik Kristengård: Hello?
[11/05/2016 20:05:28] Alex: hello
[11/05/2016 20:06:14] Henrik Kristengård: We need a soloution for the match between the US and Norse right now. I’m sick of waiting, This has been a long day. I will not sit here and wait.
[11/05/2016 20:07:58] Alex: There’s nothing I can do to hurry this up, for the moment we just have to wait while the web team look into it
[05/11/2016 20:15:25] Alex: We’re working on it, it Should hopefully be available again soon
[05/11/2016 20:27:48] Alex: We’re good to go
[05/11/2016 20:27:53] Alex: What map did you veto

This conversation took place about 3 rounds into the first match. This was communicated to both teams, but we agreed that it was easier to just continue on our own server.

Greedy as “zEVES” is, he announces to the admin that we have not played the game on the ESEA client and he suggests that the game we played should be replayed. Admin on ESEA approve his request. The match is now scheduled position to Tuesday 21:00.

zEVES who has been on two major championships and is a legend in the Norwegian CS:GO scene, think I (Zyppe) engaged in a business based on CS: GO is cheating, and that I cheated against them. The argument is that I’ve never been any good in CS: GO. For me, this type of behavior is totally unacceptable. zEVES says it’s okay that we play the game without anti cheat, he also agrees that playing map number two (even though he knew ESEAs serves worked again), this is for after the game to exploit the situation because his team lost the game. zEVES who is the founder and co-owner of Norse sending signals, that it’s okay to lie to the admins so his team can benefit of it. zEVES currently has 3744 followers on twitter, all his followers should know who they support, zEVES doesn’t need to be a CS:GO legend in Norway, he can become a rat that take all the means possible to get the advantage, I hope both zEVES and his team think about the situation and don’t embarrass themselves to the world. If the game gets replayed, I will loose all my respect for him. Not only against zEVES, but against the Norse organization, the players in the organization, cromen, cENTRYZ, Becker and ZTK. The only thing Norse should do is leave the WO and show respect towards all of us who play CS:GO competetivly. zEVES is a legend, but he can be a rat forever, if he dont make the right decision.

What Norse stands for

If Norse dont give us Walkover i will queisteion their moral values, and what they really wanna be associated with. On September 30, 2016, had a longer interview with Norse and asked what their goal is, one of the objectives quoted from zEVES

Translated quotation that appears in the article: Our ambitions is to set a new standard for Norwegian E-Sport. We will raise the level of competition to show what this country has to offer. To live of playing proffesionally and to be a good idol for the younger generation is also important.

This will be a good start this Morten Vollan.

Something that should be questioned is also ESEA’s admins, the ESEA can be so incompetent admins makes me very surprised, because it involves quite a lot of money.

Samuel “Zyppe” Martinsson

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