From a small brat to the best in the world: Olofmeister
olofm jumped in a2g during Swedish champioship. Image source:

From a small brat to the best in the world: Olofmeister

Olof Meister or olofm was Wednesday named the world’s best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players according, the world’s largest CS: GO-site. This led me to think a little, what actually Olof meister has done, he started playing cs 1.6 during the time I was active and he was really always rank below me. I and Olof meister has been on a LAN together, this was a qualifier for DreamHack Summer 2009, I was only staying over the weekend because I would go football international between Sweden and Denmark, unfortunately, Sweden lost the game but I, Olofmeister, RELIFE, pb and Malaria won in any case, the county and this was actually against all odds. There was also a funny incident after the county, but it is well forgotten in the current situation, would not you say Florenz? 😉

In any case I have never respected Olof meister, I have never seen him as a talented cs player, he has always been the dryge, oseriöse, hjärnlöse player who made just as he always wanted, he never understood that CS is a team games, he drove in his, so to speak. I’ve really been away from the CS scene between 2011-2015 but there have been a few games that I have looked at, there are some games that I remember and some sequences more than others, I especially remember when I looked at two games with LGB-eSport vs fnatic and LGB-eSport vs Virtus pro and I remember the matches because I sat and laughed at LGB because it was so incredibly bad gameplay, they made mistake after mistake, but they actually managed to win rounds and the match anyway. The players of the team did not know how to do a retake 2vs2 that one would keep an angle to the other without them running at the same time and looked exactly the same place. LGB managed to come in third place in the ESL Katowitce 2014, which of course is extremely impressive, especially when they can not even basic-CS, but panga, it could make them! In an interview with Taz from Virtus Pro after the game he said that LGB was the team that was the hardest to pracctice against, and even if LGB guys could not even basic-CS.

All I saw in the ESL Katowice in 2014 made me remember back to how Olof was like CS 1.6 player, a mediocre and unserious players, which I never thought would win anything. Although they beat good teams, won them the tournament.

30 June 2014 went Olof meister and krimz with the fnatic with pronax, JW and flusha.

According to me Fnatic olofmeisters first truly serious effort in the CS, before that he was not listening and not taking the criticism given. According to me it was pronax which released the animal Olof meister, it was pronax that he learned how important communication is at the highest level, how important it is to run the team in front of self and it was pronax who took Olaf’s tactical mind to the level he had never been on. The arrogant, rogue brat that I once played with are now the best in the world, he has pronax to thank but he could never do it without his own will and cleverness so he should also thank himself.

Since Olof Meister joined fnatic, he has thirty-five first places in a year and a half. It took around one month before the team became the world’s best team of all time.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 Olof Meister was named the world’s best CS: GO players. This is a new Olof meister, one Olof meister I do not know. I have looked at his stream several times, and the only thing he cares about is winning, he does not care about their frags that much, he helps the team, he gives tactical advice, he helps players develop, this is a Olof meister I do not know, but I like him, I respect him and I think he is one of the world’s best players.

You were a little brat, now you are the best in the world.

Samuel “Zyppe” Martinsson