Gudfadern FalleN


Gabriel Toledo alias cases. He Birth 30 May, 1991 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, he is a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Player of Luminosity Gaming, he is the founder of Games Acadamy, he is the founder of a new methane in CS: GO, he is a true entrepreneur and he is given.

Gabriel is a hero, his commitment to e-sports in Brazil, his eye for Counter-Strike, his ability to convey his way to play CS: GO on, he is humble, he has passion, he has both feet on the ground, he is a leader of the rank and he is loved by more or less everyone.

Sunday, April 3 won Luminosity Gaming World Championship Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, I do not know if I think they are the best team right now, but they are in any case one of the best teams in the world. They won the biggest tournament ever in Counter-Strike history, and they actually won pretty easily to me. Fallen ingame leader and AWP: er in Luminosity Gaming, but he can also take the other roles if needed, he is an extraordinary player. There are the cases that have created their teammates and got them to go into the roles required to perform his gambling ways. Counter-Strike is after all a team game, and a team needs a leader, I promise you that fer, coldzera, TACO and FNX is what they are today thanks to the falls. He is their leader, he’s their mentor both personal gameplay and professionally and his adepts (although neither we nor he sees them in this way). However, usually adepts become better than the master himself, and that is why we see this law as one of the world’s best team right now and probably the best team from Brazil, ever.

Fallen is a leader of the ranking, he treats his players with the respect they deserve, keep them motivated, keep them calm, and causes them to perform optimally once it comes.

Gabriel Toledo had a dream and I think he has fought more or less 12 hours a day for a very long time to achieve his dream, he dreamed of winning a major, and April 3, 2016, he managed to achieve this dream.

The question is just what his dream next? He has created a new game, changed the perception of e-sports in Brazil, has produced many of the world’s best players and now become world champions in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

He is Gabriel Toledo, aka the cases, and it is only he who can say what his next dream is, however, I can promise you that he will succeed.

/ Samuel “Zyppe” Martinsson