Inspired by Olofmeister

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About a week ago I started to diss Olof Meister for his rogue side, the same week I had the honor to play with him. And fy hell I just say, he was the best I’ve ever seen in CS: GO, never seen her husband. I felt grossly inferior, which I more or less never do, especially when I play CS. I met Virtus Pro when I played CS: GO 250 hours, and yet I had more than 50 frags over two maps. But Olof Meister, which movement patterns, the speed, the control he had on everything. I was totally excited. We played two games, one of the Dust2 and Cache, the first match we lost with Type 16-9, Olof had 30+ without even fighting. Cache, maybe Olaf’s favorite map, Olof did exactly as he wanted, walked opposing b2 he took three pieces, joined them middle he took three pieces, joined them A, he took three and the weapon he used did not really matter. He finished in 40 frags without even trying to play well, I had to fight to get on the 10 frags and I do not think anyone in our team had 13 frags when the game ended, we won cache 16-8.

I have felt inferior twice before when I played, the first time was when I met f0rest when he played in his IRL-clan “d00m”, he had a colt in the middle on dust2, but the colt he had felt more like an AWP , will never forget that game, it was insane. The second time was when I met HeatoN first time, I was not particularly well known by now and got the chance with some from the guys from Lemondogs I have for me, if it GTS o mushi & co a late night (with old foxes). I do know that I was terrified the match on de_nuke.

But in any case Olof Meister, you made me feel that I really lagging behind, something I have not done before. I think I slept four hours that night, right when I wake up so I started practicing CS, movement and spray, now two weeks later, I feel much more comfortable with my movement and my spray.

May thank Olof, Slap, zAAz and Juliano for the games.

Olof is a fucking monster, I do not think I have said to any player “jisses what good you are,” but I said it to Olof, well deserved. well, this was an experience I will never forget. Thanks Olof.

/ Samuel “Zyppe” Martinsson