Köpa tjänst


The lessons / coaching will be done in 50 minutes, I will teach you what you want to learn. A form will be sent out to the customer, the form includes a few simple questions about how good you are at CS: GO today, how much energy you spend on the game and what the goal of the lesson is. Questions or concerns that take place during teaching is taken up immediately.

Do you have any questions regarding services so do not doubt that email info@zyppe.se.


The communication will be via communication tools Teamspeak, Mumble, Skype and Twitch. Through these on tools we solve simple questions while Skype and Twitch gives the opportunity to share my screen so I can visualize for better understanding.

If you want to place an order?

Want to become a better cs player in an effective way? Whether you are alone or group so you can absolutely solve.

An order made by mail to order@zyppe.se, which writes the type of service, your name, nick name, social security number, your CS rank and three times on three different days in potential times as you can, I look over my schedule and sends back a confirmation with the time we will meet and you even get through mail to my information, depending on which program to use.

If you want to place an order?

For example. Service: Trained for 3 people, Name: Samuel Martinsson Nickname: Zyppe, social security number: 890 909, Rank: Global Elite, Wednesday, 13/1 13:00 to 14:00, Thursday, 1/14, 16:00 to 17:00, Sunday, 1/17 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. ( all day)


All payments in advance via the swish or by bank transfer, mark the payment with your name, no lessons will be made without payment was made in advance.

Service Single

In this service we look at how you can get better in an effective way, we analyze your strengths and weaknesses. The price for an individual is 300: –

Service group

In this service we will evaluate how important cooperation is, how readily can work together to overcome situations.

Two persons: 400 SEK – (200 / person)

Three persons: 475 SEK – (158 / person)

Four People 550 SEK (137.5 / person)

Service Team

In this service, I will teach you how you can trick the opposition to do what you want and how you read the game to always attack the weakest bomb site.

625 SEK / team

(125kr / person)

Service Parents

Every Sunday 14:00 I will teach in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. How to win, what the game is about, and the simple rules the game is built.

Price 150 SEK / person

Age limit


In order to buy the service requires that you are over 16 years old or if you are in that you have parental certificate that it is okay to buy this service, this will be checked up.