Leeets go! up n running!

Intervju med BLT/sydöstran
Interview with lokal newspaper BLT/sydöstran

On January 22, 2016 a day to remember for me, today I go into wholeheartedly and will try to work with my biggest passion in life, E-sports. After much preparation, a lecture, the newspaper interview, radio interview, many long discussions, workshops, financial work and much more will it finally be time to try to make it the main objective right from the beginning, and if I’m psyched!

Not only that, last Wednesday, I joined Norway’s largest e-sports organization BX3 and became the first professional CS: GO players.


Today, I officially with my company that I started in October. The company focuses on teaching the players and spectators in the computer game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and lecture

A question that gets bigger and bigger are:

“How parents deal with children / young people playing computer games”

There are very many parents know which games their children are playing, but it is very few who actually know what the game is about. I want to educate parents so they can sit down and understand a professional CS: GO match. Few parents understand the fact that E-sports is a billion dollar industry where many jobs will be created in the future. I would also like lectures on how parents can become more involved in their children’s computer games.

I also want to get parents to understand that computer games need not always be a bad thing, there are very many fine words that have been using at work when playing computer games, some keywords are driven, creative, problem solving in groups, cooperation, social skills and learn to speak English. These are keywords that really stands in all job ads. Do you think you get the same answer if you ask a 15-year-old who just started playing CS: GO?


For more info please visit my website www.zyppe.se


/ Samuel “Zyppe” Martinsson