When olofmeister is gone


After six tournament wins in a row so fnatic was rated number 1 in the world, and that was understandable. On April 8 would be a great start to pine, a pine that once today is not restored. Fnatic lost its first location and a few months later there were those not even on the list of those 30 best teams in the world. On the 8th of April, Olof Meister officially and explained that he had a hand injury that meant that he could not play, and he was forced to rehabilitation indefinitely.

Fnatic advertises the same time that it takes in Niclas “Plessen” Plessen to replace Olofmeister.

Already here makes fnatic their first mistake in my opinion, PlesseN was then a undoubtedly an angular stone that did even have a chance to succeed. Dont know if it was a publicity-trick because he was under 18, or if they actually believed in it themselves. PlesseN had no experience in strategy, communication, cooperation at the highest level, he actually had not even semi-elite level and not even level under the semi-elite. It all was fiasco, as they didn´t attend at no LAN at all.

The April 26 so advertised PlesseN’s departure. This time it will be wenton get the chance to fill olofmeisters shoes. This is a good move in my opinion, wenton is a player who has played at the highest level and understand collaboration, communication and strategy. He shoots hard and can make a lot of plays. He either should or could take olofmeisters role, there was a reason for Olofmeister was the best in the world 2015.

Olofmeister can everything in the game, he is one of the world’s best awper, the world’s best rifles? (Which was in any case), one of the world’s best lurkes, cluthes and also entryfraggers. Simply complete madfragger. Both Wenton and Plessen are only two rifles, Wenton slightly more experienced on the roles and better in his decision making. Fnatic with Wenton the team managed to come in third place in the ESL Pro League after a tight loss against G2. Which should be considered okay.

Plessen was not good enough, that could we agree on, but he has all the chances to succeed in the future, he was an edgy rock, today he is a diamond in the rough and there’s a reason why fnatic started an Academy Team and it all started P ……
wenton represents today fnatics A team together with Olofmeister. What I have seen so far, I think they make more and more progress day by day and time, I think also that we will see fnatic at the top of the podium again, in my calculations within 6 months.

That’s all peoples

/ Samuel “Zyppe” Martinsson


http://www.hltv.org/ranking/teams/2016/april/5/ 1st in the world