NiP-Magic? Will not happen with Threat as leader

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Can NiP ever get back the magic? Probably not with the threat that the ingame leader and tactical anchors.

Ninjas in Pyjamas had a tough 2015, the year began with a relatively inexperienced Maikelele, in February Mikelele was replaced with the more seasoned sniper Allu. NiP tested even play with both Delpan and kHRYSTAL but it ended then with Allu. Initially played NiP really good cs and managed to get to the final of the ESL Katowice, a nail-biter against fnatic fnatic which drew the longest straw. After ESL so I thought anyway that NiP played well CS, they managed to win matches against opposition they would win over but they did not win the final o ro home first place, but overall they played good CS.

Then came the second major, ESL Cologne. NiP was very confident before the tournament and had their sights inside the first place, they had been practicing very much and wanted so much, it all ended in a fiasco, total run over by TSM in the cache and later beaten by Virtus Pro in the quarterfinals.

In an interview for ESL Cologne said NiP guys they ran too much tactics and that they did not dare “to duel” and play their own games because they were afraid of losing the duel.

The third major, DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca. NiP started really bad even this tournament and was beaten by Titan already the first game but they managed to win both “lose the game” and rematchen toward Titan. NiP vs TSM in the quarter-finals, quarter-finals and TSM were great favorites, TSM was precisely when the world’s best team under me and the favorites to win the tournament. But as much fun would it be for TSM, NiP played against all expectations, the best CS I have ever known, I started playing CS in February 2015, actually also never seen Friberg make a good match but in this match he showed what a monster he can be and what I had heard about. One spoke of the “NiP-magic is back” and everything was fine. Then came the semi-final against Navi, and then all the magic vanished again, NiP was not even close to its capacity and was never even close to winning over Navi.

I think it was already clear that alluvi would leave NiP in December you can probably imagine it was difficult to have 100 percent motivation for this specific Majorn, I thought even that NiP played unserious CS the last few months alluvi was in team.

This really is my summary of NiP in 2015, they were good but not good enough.

But now to the fun, alluvi left NiP in December 2015. I do not know how many people NiP asked, but I know several who turned down their offer. It ended with a recruiting pyth as the last player and threatening as the ingame leader or coach.

Pyth I think this is an awesome player, I see similarities with him as GeT_RiGhT had meanwhile he broke through, pyth always play very seriously and almost never do a bad game. He is a crazy aimer, good with the AWP and he can really play well at all positions. So I think this is a good recruitment in general, however, the poor recruitment is well that according to me the best rifler, f0rest, to start using the green gun and become the team’s first awpare, and certain f0rest is good with the AWP but he’s the best in world with rifles. f0rest is the only one in the world that can turn a round in 1 second with 3 hs stable regardless of the situation and positioning. Overall, I like the recruitment of pyth!

But now that I did not like and I do not understand. Threat as in game leader? Lurrpis said in an interview with to NiP need threat, I would like to ask the question to Lurrpis, why do they threatening?

Threat may be the CS and be a good leader and he’s an okay player too, but the Ninjas in Pyjamas, I ask you, what do you need help? For real. You have good leadership in the staff using GeT_RiGhT, Xizt, f0rest and Friberg, all these can be incredibly much about CS: GO and they all know the game’s weaknesses and strengths. Threat may not be as much in CS: GO as they said, the threat, which is really not at all can be as much about CS: GO players, he will lead this team who have more experience than himself? Good luck, I say.

Threat has its own in-game leadership, but he looks very much like the old fnatic and cArn, who is and was an incredible leader. But what is it NiP need help? For real.

NiP need to redesign their game, they need to build a new game plan from the ground and not fall back to their 87-0 game, and this knows the players about what I heard so try the incredibly much, but it always ends the same way, Boysen NiP have to get over 87-0 era and start coming up with a new game. Threat which is basically an inferior version of f0rest, GeT_RiGhT and so on the basic way of thinking in CS: GO will then help a team that needs a new game plan, the only game plan he’s sitting inside unfortunately it as NiP already performed.

There are two players who can help NiP to bring back the “magic”, one of the Falls and the other is pronax, these two players have absolutely not the same CS basic idea that someone in NiP or threat for that matter. I can not see how they will manage to bring back the “magic” without starting from scratch and I think to take the threat is a step in the wrong direction.

Believe me, I wish NiP luck, I really do. I hope they can do a good job together but it will be hard for them!

Samuel “Zyppe” Martinsson