Do you know what your children do at the computer?

Want to know how the computer game Counter-Strike Global: Offensive works? Did you know that you can easily watch e-sports today and that this is an easy way for parents to spend time with the kids.

I will sell a service to parents where one of 150 SEK will be able to get an education in computer game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. How to win, what the game is about, and simple rules how the game is structured. The goal is to teach every Sunday 14:00 in the game for a group. For more information on how to order this service or if you want more information, see “Buy service”.

My experiences

Here are some summary text how it was for me to grow up as a gamer, how these problems can be dealt with today’s technology and how easy it is to look at e-Sports today.

When I was growing up so I sat and my father always and watched the Real Madrid football matches on weekends, it was a way for us to hang out.

I wish my parents could have been there for me in the computer world, just as they could in real life. It is important to be able to support children in their interests, somthing there is music, football or computer games. As a parent, it can sometimes be difficult to put into their children’s interests, I can help with. I have experienced what it is like to be on the children’s side and how it is not to be understood and accepted in their commitment to their play, and I am therefore far that you as a parent to understand what your child is actually doing. I can with my courses give you an insight into what CS is and how it could be good, instructive and stimulating for your child. Video games are not just bad! A good parent is supportive, but also sets limits. But how do you set limits if you do not know what your child is doing?

Today’s social problems

The problem today is that parents do not have a clue what the Games is all about or what they are about. Trying to keep up with in a professional match is very hard and it goes very quickly while there are many new words, it is really impossible to understand anything.

Computer game at the professional level is very complex, it is well thought out and very difficult to understand for someone who does. Behind every tactical moves Act does so it is very much thought behind it. This also means that it is not so easy to just turn on the TV and watch e-sports game and at the same time see it as a pleasure.
Email the sport without a doubt the greatest challenge is to get as many people as possible to understand the games.

If you want to check e-sports today is very simple, unlike a few years ago, today’s live stream more or less around the clock on, where you can follow the professional leagues, LAN events, small cups, one can and see when their children play (if they choose to stream).

Did you know?

E-sports is tremendous! Last year it was 205 million who watched or played e-sports, only the four biggest games in e-Sports had a prize pool of over 650 million. The development curve for e-sports was 21 percent last year, with this I mean that, e-sports is here to stay. You parents who do not engage yourself in your child’s TV / computer gaming in danger of falling behind in the development and miss much quality time with your children / grandchildren. If you have a child / grandchild who play a lot, try to support the child and try to understand the e-sport.