The game as a Terrorist

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Playing Counter-Strike as a terrorist against good players are usually more difficult than playing as Counter-Terrorist. However, if you encounter worse players than yourself, it’s usually easier to play terrorists, this is only because you need to focus on yourself. It is when you see someone play as terrorists you see if the player is good, relatively okay or totally useless. According to me, there are about 20 players or so in Sweden who are good, the rest is on almost the same level, I have relatively good view of the semis and would actually say that those who are ranked between 25-1000 in Sweden have exactly the same chances succeed in an elite team. I see the same potential in Fnatic Academy as in Archangels as in DenD as in YZN’s new team. Everyone has “aim” to represent a top team, but they may not know how to think Basic CS. If you dont understand the basic of the game, you will never succeed, Kenny was one the most skilled players when he had to leave VeryGames because he didnt know the basics of the game.

Actually, it is just to congratulate you who have played a lot because you all have about the same chances of success to reach the top if you read my blog. For this blog I will teach how Basic CS played. And I will not say it’s the most fun way to play, but it is the most effective way to win.

The first thing you need to learn is that the game as a terrorist is about to always attack the weakest bomb site. Whether it be 5vs5, 5vs4, 5vs3, 4vs2 or 2vs3 you shall always have in your head, how we attack the weakest bomb site? Is there grenades we can use to gain an advantage? Is there grenades left we can use to fool the opponent to make a rotation? Is there any pattern we can use to more easily get one on one duels? Of course it is.
Do you not understand themselves when you are in superiority or disadvantage, so you will never succeed, and no, you do not have the upper hand for you is 5vs4.

The most important thing when playing as the Terrorist is that they make the right decisions and to attack the weakest bomb site, do you do that, you take the right decision, even if you lose the round. Because in this way you will have the best chance to win the round. A parallel can be in the poker get AA and go all-in, but still lose to JJ, you go all-in preflop with AA, you will win most of the times because it is the best hand, but you will not win all the times.

For more information about, mapcontrol, advantage and disadvantage will come eventually.

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/Samuel “Zyppe” Martinsson