Do you feel that your team needs help develop your game and take it the next level?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a team game. If you want to develop and become better so you need to do it as a team. Everyone must have an ultimate objective, and all must dedicate as much. There are factors that affect how you should play CS: GO if I refer to the ten skillzen which according to me is the Problem, Aim, Communication, Cooperation, Movement, spelförståelse, Tactics, Grenades, Psychology and Money system.

When you are a team, some factors are more important than others, the most important for the team game is cooperation, communication, Tactics, and Problem Solving. These stacks can not practice on yourself, and these are also the end point to be a really good CS: GO players.

In their team and you have different roles. Usually it is an ingame leader, an AWP, a support and two with the free role. These five roles together complement each other and provide the most dynamic in the game.

According to me, you go through five levels of team play while playing CS: GO. I have chosen to call these Public / mix, Serious Mix, Clan Games, Mix-clan and tribal elite. To figure out what level you are in you can read about these five “HERE”.

Do you think you want to take the next step and develop your game to the next level?

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