The game as Counter-Terrorist

Basic RGB
To summarize the previous post, so the challenge is for Terrorists is to always attack the weakest bombsite, if you do it together, your team makes the right decision even if you loose the round.

The game like Counter-Terrorist (CT)

Now to the CT game, my favorite side, the side you can really go completely crazy if you have the right players around you. New teams usually have difficultis to play CT-side and there are many teams that fail in their CT side, they simply do not know how to play as CT. The same as when you are terrorists the players don´t know if they have advantage or a disadvantage, players don´t know how to get advantage, the biggest mistake teams do is to falls into the better team gameplan and play their game, this you dont want to do, if you do it, you can more or less accept your loss. Looking at all the best teams in the world so are they usually very stable and they do not “give away” anything, they usually have a plan with everything they do, they anticipate upcoming games and reading the opponents’ behavior to their advantage.
How do you play then?
Counter-Terrorists challenge is to always have balance on the map at all times and situations in this way, and you have the greatest opportunity to win the round.

CT-hand Mirage: one window, one stairs, one catwalk, one A-site and one B-site. This is the default position for CT and is a behavior pattern that all teams use. Why this is the default position is that the pattern of behavior of Terrorists is against one A, one B, and three toward middle. Usually is the first firefight in middle, and depending on how kills, trade kills or if everyone survives, there are patterns of behavior for which one can avail as Counter-Terrorist.

The important thing today is to understand, when you play as Counter-Terrorist, to always have a balanced in your team and in all situations to cover all positions so one can´t be timed and create uncertainty in the team.
How to exploit behavioral pattern i will talk about later, before you can learn that, you must learn how to rotate, communicate and mapcontrol does in the game. Next post will be about mapcontrol.

Samuel “Zyppe” Martinsson