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I just went in to block jobs(website in Sweden where you can find job), first ad I clicked into the customer service employees to tretti.se. I do not really have a clue what this is for a company at all, which I thought was interesting was how the words of the person they were looking for was built.

It says, among other things, if you are an efficient, extrovert person who likes to spread the joy and the has the phone ready then this is the job for you. Perhaps no dream job but I think it is a good first job, maybe to try something out.

Well, why am I writing this, what has job with CS:GO to do?

When I read this ad, I see words like effective, extrovert, language, cooperation, joy and communication. These words are composed for me CS:GO (would also plussa few words to).
Actually, when you play CS:GO, you use these concepts, when you exercise aim, you are extrovert, while playing MM with Russians you practice your English, and if you are you going to win the game, often that requires some type of cooperation and communication within the team. Are you an ingame-leader that like responsibility, you notice that very many parameters fit into boss-roles in the job sector.

If you ever want to get good at anything in the world (E-sports, jobs, sports, music) so it will require that you are extrovert, good at working together and are good at communicating.

In my market investigation, the majority who played CS: GO 16-19 years (all 54.6%) and then you are in a proper age that is looking for your first job. According to me is a computer game the beginning of your working-era (if you play reasonably serious).

So the next time your parents ask you what you do in front of the computer, so please tell me that you are doing mathematics, doing problem solving, practice your language, you learn to work together, spreading joy and have fun. All this makes you subconsciously when you play computer games.

This was my first blog post in Zyppe Academy. This blog is created to spread knowledge about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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