I have four lectures that you can choose from, but depending on needs, so I tailor lectures for your particular demand.


How does E-sports our children / young people? What can we as parents do to help children? E-sports are here to stay, by the new streaming platform Twitch has the most highly valued companies in the world have a new way to reach out to an accurate market. Children, young people and parents will be affected by E-sports in the future, today is the school’s idols E-sports profiles, it’s not like the old days, we have reached a new era, and E-sports is here to stay. The parents will have to confirm that their children will probably be influenced by the Internet, computer games and confirmation candidates. But how parents handle the situation if they do not even know what their children are doing? The lecture will focus on measures and how important it is to communicate with their children.


Computer games have given me a lot in life, but there have also been many setbacks. Today’s technology gives us tremendous acknowledgment needs that can be achieved via facebook, instagram, twitter and also through computer games. I always felt safe and respected at the computer and in real life, but there are many who feel that the only safe place in the world is right in front of the computer, and such a world we do not want to create, we want everyone to be happy. In this lecture, I will tell you how the right for me to grow up as a gamer, to be datorspelsnamet Zyppe more than to be myself, Samuel Martinsson. How computer games have influenced me and built up the person I am today.

What is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it’s just a computer game?

Is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive just a computer game? For me it is more than just a computer game, according to me is something that computer games stimulate the brain. You learn to grow up, you learn to take care of yourself and you learn to take responsibility. If you ask a child what CS: GO is all about will probably get the answer “to kill people,” for me, it took eight years before I understood what the game actually went out and I can promise you that the game is not about killing.

When working properly in CS: GO, you can actually find the key words, committed, energetic, creative, like problem solving, these words summarize the most job ads today. This lecture will focus on the positive and negative aspects of the CS: GO. Computer games need not always be a bad thing.

The importance of E-sport in the future

We live in an increasingly technological society, one sees almost every child to grow up with a computer, video games, smartphone and tablet. e-sport has in recent years become extremely large because streaming services become very easily accessible. Last year there were over 200 million who watched or played E-sports. The final of the League of Legends was played in the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin where 17,000 tickets were sold out in six minutes. Dota2 had the year’s biggest prize of as much as 170 million were handed out over a week, the winners took home around SEK 65 million and the youngest in the team huh 16 years old. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive had 1 million players in December 2013, December 2015, there were over 10 million unique players, ie an increase of over 300% per year. Thanks to the streaming service’s E-sport is here to stay. The lecture will be about many statistics to convey that E-sports is actually greater than the NHL and NBA clean åskådarmässigt.