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To summarize the last post on the CT game, is the CT side to constantly balance the team and cover the parts of the map, depending on where the terrorists are.

Mapcontrol terrorist (T)

There are many who know what the word mapcontrol means, and there are probably many who say they can mapcontrol. The word mapcontrol is completely different from the meaning of the word, mapcontrol is not only that you take control of the map and later goes “pics.” Mapcontrol is a Gamechanger and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is about understanding how mapcontrol works. It is through mapcontrol you calculate the chance is to win the round, the chances (or odds, as I call it) varies for the more mapcontrol you get each second that passes and every kill that is happening. The possibility exists that in a 5vs5 situation, CT can only have 1% chance to win the round if terrorists get too much mapcontrol and use the control right.

What is mapcontrol then?
Mapcontrol means that you can with the least possible chance of being killed will take over as much ground as possible on the map. This will later on structured way gain an advantage by using smokes and flashes to get near the bomb site. If you do this, you can predict where every opponent will be sitting and thus gain an advantage in duels, timing, triangles and bombplant.

The significance of a triangle
If you get mapcontrol you can create different triangles on the map, those triangles can be used to get one vs one-duels with a security card for trading by timing. Triangles can be created everywhere on all the maps IF Counter-Terrorists allow Terrorists to get mapcontrol. To understand mapcontrol you must be able to visualize the map in your head, look at the radar and time dueling with your fellow players, in this way you create a triangle, you, your partner and your opponent (2vs1 situation).

One A-hus and one T-slope at the Mirage, A-house guy is willing to go out A house when T-slope guy makes contact with the CT that hold the A-site.

Mapcontrol is a Gamechanger, you can avail mapcontrol to attack the weakest bomb site (which I think game Terrorist is about) because mapcontrol give your team a chance to read your opponents and allow your team to more choices. Mapcontrol change the chances of winning the rounds all the time, and the word summarizes tactics, gamesense, communication, cooperation, decision-making and AIM. And that what summarizes Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for me.
It is not only the kills that determines whether you have an advantage, Terrorists may be in a an advantage due a 4vs5 situation on Counter-Terrorists let Terrorists get mapcontrol, Terrorists, according to me to could have advantage in 3vs5 situations also.

The worlds best team right now, Virtus Pro, they are the best in the world at this, just to find triangles, eliminate positions for the Counter-Terrorists to sit on and attack together to get the upper hand in trading.

You still say you can mapcontrol? Congratulations, then you belong namely top25 in Sweden and live your dream.

Sorry for my bad english, im doing as good as i can.

Samuel “Zyppe” Martinsson