About the company

The company was created to promote e-sports with emphasis on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, this means that by lectures to increase knowledge about e-sports, and its size and to teach effective training methods in CS: GO in all its forms.

The company is run by Samuel Martinsson, who is a former professional Counter-Strike 1.6 player with merit from the team that H2k-Gaming, Begrip gaming, Rage-Gaming, Lemondogs, Playzone. Samuel is trained by legends Christian “vilden” Lidstrom, Mattias “Snajdan” Andersen, Christer “Fisker” Eriksson and Abdisamad “SpawN” Mohamed. With the knowledge from these legends that Samuel has been able to pass on the message to his former and now the world’s best in-game leaders Markus “Pronax” Wallsten and Richard “Xizt” shore.

Samuel is also the founder with Robert “Rogga” Forsberg of talent school AWTR (A Walk To Remember) where lots of talent reached the top, some examples are Pronax, Xizt, moddii, BARBARR, FYRR73, Wenton, hyvlarn.

According to statistics from hltv.org had Samuel, ranking 30 in the world with a rating of 1.13.

Samuel represents BX3’s CS: GO team along with the skull, m1kkis, phinen and hk0n. BX3 is Norway’s largest e-sports organization and their flagship CS: GO team.

Christian “vilden” Lidstrom

“Zyppe was relatively unknown when I played with him the first time, but it stopped me from seeing his immense talent. Just the same was true when I’m alone picked in allen SK 2006, which was an unknown player to most when he joined up. Zyppe had a unique ability to read the game and much of what made that he impressed me was the fact that he was one of those who took the CS into an era where the momentum shifted up. Zyppe had the same ability to read game, move and act like many of the world’s best players done for many years, but at the same time had a unique ability to do all of this in any less time and thus was one of the players individually contributed to a faster CS from 2009 onwards. ” (Lidstrom, 2016)