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My name is Samuel Martinsson and I was born in September 1989, my nick name or computer name is Zyppe. About 15 years ago my older brother introduced me computers and computer games, and since then I have been hooked. I especially remember a graduation in grade four or five, where I after graduation in the church went straight home and sat down and played the computer game Starcraft. When I was about 13 years I was introduced to the computer game Counter-Strike. Me and my brother shared computer during this time, and I remember that I played as soon as I got. My older brother was quite okay on Counter-Strike, sometimes he played against professionals and I quickly got up an interest in this. As soon as he played in a match so I looked at the game afterwards and even then, I started analyzing the positions that were good to stand on, and this was reflected later in my game and I was very quickly much better than all of my class and soccer buddies.

I played professional Counter-Strike 1.6 in 2010, for a time, I was ranked 30th in the world with a rating of 1.14

Teams in Counter-Strike 1.6:
Comprehension-Gaming: (Zyppe, pronax, Xizt, BARBARR, lidde, pop, moddii)
Lemon Dogs: (Zyppe, Independent, SpawN, Fisker, striker)
H2k-Gaming: (Zyppe, SpawN, Snajdan, zneel, FYRR73)
H2K Gaming2: (Zyppe, pronax, Xizt, BARBARR, pop)
Rage-Gaming: (Zyppe, pronax, pita, pop, lidde)

I am also the founder of the clan gathering “A Walk to Remember” (AWTR) where players pronax, Xizt, moddii, BARBARR, FYRR73, Wenton, hyvlarn and I started our careers.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:
Iskold: (Zyppe, moddii, BARBARR, Jumpy, REASTEN)
BX3: (Zyppe, skull, m1kkis, hk0n, Maak & phinen)

Top archivements

Counter-Strike 1.6
1st The Gathering 2010 (Zyppe, FYRR73, Delpan, pita and Niko) LAN
1st Lund Alan 5 (Zyppe, FYRR73, moddii, Hypage & Florenz) LAN
1st Alan Lund 6 (Zyppe, moddii, BARBARR, seazon & hyvlarn) LAN
First VikenLAN (Zyppe, BARBARR, vuggo, seazon, FEJTAN) LAN
Second NorrLAN (Zyppe, pronax, lidde, denwin, Senze) LAN

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2nd Nordic Masters (Zyppe, skull, m1kkis, hk0n, phinen) LAN
Second Telenor Ligan (Zyppe, skull, m1kkis, Maak, hk0n, phinen, pronax, kicker) Online
Second iGame.com (Zyppe, m1kkis, hk0n, neto, tomzey) Online

http://www.esportsearnings.com/players/5458-zyppe-samuel-martinsson/results-by-league http://wiki.teamliquid.net/counterstrike/Zyppe

“If you want to something enough, then you can, you put sufficient time and energy so you can manage to get where you want”


Samuel “Zyppe” Martinsson